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Friends of Pendle Heritage

The Archaeology Group

For anyone interested in the earth beneath their feet, we have an active archaeology group – Pendle Archaeology Group, which last year had several digs or excavations on Calf Hill on the flanks of Pendle Hill. 


Whilst they started digging in Park Hill about 40 years ago - ground floor naturally…. a longstanding aim of the group has been to explore the Hidden Valley from Portfield to Water Meetings at Barrowford. They have found evidence of a kiln near Craggs dating to the 11th and 15th Centuries, a Bloomery in Sabden Fold with dating evidence going back to the 15th Century whilst also looking at areas like the Vaccaries at Wycoller which are also in the Blackburn Hundred. 


If you are an armchair archaeologist that is not a problem, there are plenty of things you can do from your own home, such as researching online at our local Lancashire Archive or other online resources. 


In fact, it is probably because of the Archaeology group being so active all those years ago that encouraged someone to come up with the idea of the Friends of Pendle Heritage.


Last year, we hosted a very successful Prehistory Study Day and this year hope to do the same involving Roman History. 

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