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The Gardening Group


There is an active Gardening Group held on the second Wednesday of every month – just two hours in the garden a month can make a lot of difference if there are a few of us helping out. Quite a few of our gardeners are also Friends of Pendle Heritage, but not exclusively so. You can be assured of a warm welcome from this friendly group and all our volunteers qualify for PHC rewards.


Over ten months of the year, you can see the different seasons coming in: the garden coming to bloom at its best, the colours of autumn, before bedding it down for the winter.


Any help at any time/day of the week is appreciated by the staff at the Centre and the general public aren’t the only ones who benefit. Experts say that gardening is good for you physically, mentally and socially. Cicero said: “If you have a garden and a library you have everything you need”. We might not quite have a library, but we do have a most excellent bookshop!


Do get in touch with Cathy Jones, our Volunteer Co-ordinator if you fancy joining us: and she will tell you everything you need to know.