Our Local Artists

Ally Noble

Hi, my name is Ally, with a design degree from Liverpool Polytechnic, I’ve spent over 30 years working as a computer artist.

In recent years I’ve started working with a more tactile medium that I’ve always found fascinating; glass.

I find natural phenomena, water and light fascinating, particularly the way light moves through water and foliage. I find the fluidity of fish under water mesmerising and try to recreate this in my work. I use layers to mimic the refractive properties of water along with motion and balance to replicate natural movement.

After a few false starts I began producing work that others liked. I demonstrated my work to The Crafts Council who awarded me a grant to buy the equipment I needed to increase the size and scope of my work. This enabled me to devote myself full time to investigate techniques and ideas.

I now sell and exhibit at galleries throughout the UK and undertake commission work for clients.