Who were the real people behind the historic event of August 1612 when nineteen people were tried at Lancaster Castle on charges of witchcraft? How was the Forest of Pendle created and why did the area become famous for its witchcraft legends?


This well-illustrated book creates history by providing a great deal of new information on the legendary Pendle Witches. Never before have we been as close to the leading characters of Old Demdike, Old Chattox and their families, or the places in which they lived. 


The Lancashire Witch Conspiracy is the product of years of research on the subject by an author born and bred within the Forest of Pendle. Within these pages we meet for the first time with Elizabeth Blackburn (Old Demdike) and her daughter, Elizabeth Ingham (Elizabeth Device). The early lives of the characters are seen as never before. 


We also see the development of the tangled web of intrigue that would eventually lead to the execution on Lancaster's Gallows Hill of nine Pendle Forest folk on the 20th August 1612. 

The Lancashire Witch Conspiracy

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