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Friends of Pendle Heritage

Who are the Friends of Pendle Heritage?


The Friends of Pendle Heritage have been in existence for almost forty years.  We welcome anyone to join our group, our aims are to enable people to understand the history and the natural environment of Pendle and its surrounding areas, this also includes the social and cultural environment.  

Another of our purposes is to stimulate interest in the Museum in Park Hill at the Pendle Heritage Centre and to support the Centre in a general way.  


What do we do?


We do this in a variety of ways, for example, providing the financial resources to paint the exterior of the building, to lime mortar part of the garden wall, to provide some resources for staff in the café to make their work environment more efficient and effective,  providing signage, plants for the garden and many other things. 


Busy as we are doing all these things, we find time to enjoy ourselves! We have a wide range of events, walks and talks that help us to understand more about our and your local heritage.  

How are we able to support the heritage of Pendle and Pendle Heritage Centre? Well, subscriptions from members is a start, money raised at talks and events is also a big help as is the occasional grant, donation or a bequest.

Do you remember the refrain by a national organisation “Come and Join Us”?  well come and join us, Friends, have a good laugh and a good time as you learn more about the heritage that lies within our lives and all around us whilst doing your bit to ensure this continues - so that future generations can experience their shared heritage too.

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