Woodland Walk

Our Woodland Walk is a magical place through the seasons.  It winds its way up from the bottom of our historic Walled Garden to our evocative Cruck Barn.  

Vantage points from the walk afford wonderful views over the Heritage Centre and its gardens.

If you visit throughout the year, you can experience the spare, winter wood, before the mass of pungent, white garlic flowers carpet the ground.  Moving seamlessly through the seasons, our woodland is transformed several more times, with the retina straining blue of our intense bluebells in May and the lush summer season when the trees are in full leaf and the days are long and lazy. When autumn comes, the glorious colours reassert themselves, as the wood becomes a patchwork of yellows and oranges.

Whatever the season, the woodland teams with wildlife. Throughout the year the Woodland Walk echoes with birdsong from blackbirds, thrushes, robins, sparrows and tits.  Many of these have made their home in our Ancient Hedge at the very top of the site.